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ScatterMaster LLC is proud to announce the ScatterScope4 scatterometer. This patented instrument introduces the next generation in high-speed scatter metrology. The ScatterScope4 system operates in both reflection and transmission and completes measurements and analysis in 5-30 seconds. Programmable scans allow sampling the reflective or transmissive hemisphere tighter than 5 deg.
Standard units have a red laser source (typicall 628nm -- please contact us regarding other wavelengths)

Dynamic range typically exceeds 10 decades of magnitude with a noise floor of approximately 10-6/sr. This makes it capable of measuring most optics, but not polished Si wafers. Any incident angle up to 75 deg from surface normal can be used. Batch scans can be programmed at different wavelengths and incident angles.

Data can be displayed in either BSDF or ARS units. Full hemisphere scans are done in 5-30 seconds depending on scan resolution.

The examples images shown below were taken in 15 seconds each.

Click here to see the GAR measurements in 3D rotatable images.


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